Curvy Bracelet


Curvy Bracelet


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This bracelet design of two interlocking feathers was gathering dust in a drawer of Grainger's workshop last fall when Cammy Chandler, the spouse of the co-owner of Galloway & Moseley (a wonderful jewelry store in our hometown of Sumter, SC) spied it during a studio tour. Because of Cammy's enthusiasm, we debuted this graceful, hand-cut cuff bracelet in September 2009.

Available only in silver.


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Billy McNulty
Verified Buyer
Bought these for my wife and stepdaughter as a way to memorialize the death of my wife’s mother(Irene) We kept her in our home for the last four months of her life, Joy( my wife) was holding her mothers hand when she took her last breath. Joy and her daughter Molly did a wonderful job of giving comfort, reassurance and love to Irene during that time, the bracelets are a meant to be a beautiful and graceful reminder of that time Grainger, I know you did not have that sort of thing in mind while designing those, but they expressed my sentiments perfectly Thank you
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Exquisite Piece
Verified Buyer
The design is fantastic and my wife is still saying "oh my gosh." Mother's Day was very enjoyable.
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Perfect in every eay
Verified Buyer
Unreal presentation....above and beyond out the box even before opening the masterpiece of a design!!!
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