Artist Series

Before I begin a large sculpture, I will often build a scale model to work out design issues or perhaps to show my patron the direction I am headed. One visitor to my studio commented that they didn't have room for a large sculpture, couldn't they just acquire the model?

The result is this collection of Artist Studies, or Maquettes, presented here. They are priced from $800 to $1,880 and can be purchased directly from this site.

Limited Editions

For limited edition, life-sized sculptures, priced from $6,500 to $50,000 and offered on an as-available basis, you will need to contact us directly. Because of their limited availability, these items cannot be ordered on-line. However, you can view them here or view a printable, 13 page PDF brochure of all the Limited Editions and these Artist Studies if you wish. Delivery may not be immediate, so email us before you order if you need timely shipment. Or call us anytime at 800-839-8439.