Skimmer Bracelets

Skimmer Bracelets

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The Skimmer Bracelet is often mistaken for a series of hearts joined together. But if you look closer, and have ever seen the graceful Black Skimmer slice through the glassy surface of a pond or river, this bracelet comes to life.

These "hand cut" bracelets are sawn by hand out of a sheet of sterling silver. It takes our silversmith and his assistant nearly a full day to complete each one.

Only available in sterling silver. We recommend the 1.5" wide bracelet for women over 5'4" or so.

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Skimmer bracelet, graceful and beautiful
Gigi Parr
I received your Skimmer bracelet as a gift from my husband and am in love with it! This is simply a graceful, beautiful piece of wearable art! Can't wait to show it off!
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