Feather Necklace

Feather Necklace

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The Feather Necklace debuted in 2014 and became an instant bestseller. It curls around a silver omega that we provide, and we can provide a gold omega if you wish. The feather is not species-specific, but is reminiscent of the swirl of a Gamecock Tailfeather.

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Feather Necklace
S. Herring
My husband gave me a gold feather necklace after we had the pleasure of traveling with the McKoys recently . I have worn it twice and both times I was approached by someone saying "Is that a Grainger McKoy piece?" To which I proudly assented. Not only is the artistry beautiful; I love the way the omega lies on my neck.
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Marilyn Cain
Verified Buyer
My cousin introduced me to Mr. McKoy's art when she visited me recently. She was wearing this feather necklace and I instantly fell in love with it. I knew that I had to have it, so I ordered it. It arrived within a few days and I couldn't be happier with it. It is just so beautiful!
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Feather necklace
M C N Beaty
I have the sterling and am very proud to wear such a beauty. Very comfortable and goes with everything.
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Feather Necklace
Anita P. Ard
It's beautiful. But, only in my dreams.
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