Quail Octagon Pendant

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Quail Octagon Pendant

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One of our newest styles for ladies is the Quail Octagon Pendant. It is very versatile: it can be worn just as a pendant, or as an "enhancer" for a pearl necklace or other necklace. Each pendant comes with a clasp for that purpose, as well as an omega necklace.

Many ladies have a strand of pearls this pendant would be a perfect "friend" for. If not, we can provide pearls at a great value: They are AAA+ quality, 8.5-9.5mm diameter on an 18" strand, with a custom toggle-style clasp. We've heard our pearls made Mikimoto himself weep.

We're not the only ones crazy over pearls. Former First Lady Barbara Bush was known for her affection for them...she's shown here in the mid-90's with our family in Greenville, SC.

And don't forget the matching earrings!

We've encircled the 18k Quail pendant with 44 diamonds. A real show-stopper! Special order only, we need 4 weeks to make it.

Please make a selection:
If you want pearls, select them here:
Get the set! The new earrings go with the pendant:

Refunds and Exchanges: We will gladly refund or exchange your purchase, for any reason whatsoever. There is no time limit, but we do ask that the item be in new condition. See our Shipping & Returns for details.

Bill Fuller
Once again Grainger creates a perfect gift for my wife. How it is packaged speaks to the superb quality and genuine thought given for her surprise. Could not be happier. My satisfaction buying anything Grainger creates is always exceeded when it arrives.
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Nona Porter
Verified Buyer
Was so very pleased with my purchase from Grainger McKoy. Will probably buy the pearls soon. My husband always at Christmas told me to go and buy what I would like. So this year I found your ad in the Garden & Gun magazine. Since he passed away last year in November I decided he would want to buy something for another year.
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Quail Pendant Review
Ken Mattice
Verified Buyer
Really exceptional, far exceeding expectations, packaging and presentation are luxurious as well.
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