Wren Feather Earrings

Wren Feather Earrings

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This delicate swirl of wren feathers was made at Floride's request for round earrings. Grainger's reply was that no part of a bird's body was round (save for the eyes), but he agreed to configure a whirl of tiny feathers, in spite of his usual insistence on authenticity. These are three-quarters of an inch wide. Like all of our earrings, they have a post, so are only for pierced ears.

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I have been following these lovely pieces for a long time. I met Mr. McKoy at a gallery exhibit in Palm Beach many years ago and longed for a piece of his jewelry. This year I purchased these earrings for my daughter as she is a "birder" as I am and can't wait to give them to her at Christmas. The presentation box and handwritten note were so well done and I am thrilled with the quality of this artwork . Thank you.
Molly McCormick
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Great gift,
I gave a pair of these earrings to my wife. I'm not a jewelry expert. But the artisan quality and detail are undeniable to me. It's a great product. My wife thought they were beautiful pieces.
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18k Wren feather earrings
The craftsmanship is superb! I ordered the earrings to go with the Wren pin I bought last year. My oldest granddaughter’s name is Wren and one day these beautiful pieces will be hers.
Cathy Goodale
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Wren Feather Earrings
Purchased Grainger's wren feather earrings as a Christmas present for my wife to go with her feather wreath pin. It was a hit! A perfect match.
Bill Anderson
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Silver Wren Feather Earrings
I was introduced to Grainger’s work while vacationing in South Carolina this Winter. The detail in his jewelry is amazing! I purchased his Carolina Wren pendant in South Carolina and the Wren Feather earrings are perfect with the necklace or on their own.
Cindy Krech
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Silver Wren ear feathers
Since visiting Grangers exhibition at the Atlanta High Museum in 2011. I have been one of his admirers. His work is superb!!! These earrings are outstanding.They go good with her Feather necklace. As a amateur wood carver, I am aware of the creativity that he possess. I highly recommended his products.
Horace G. Edmondson.
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