Wide Feather Earrings

Wide Feather Earrings

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The fact that the Wide Feather earrings have a wonderful omega-style back to them (no ear nuts to lose!) just adds to their allure. They are the most popular single item in the collection, even out-selling our Quail Cufflinks. They part of a 3-piece ensemble that includes the Wide Feather Bangle and Wide Feather Ring. These earrings have a similar style to this Feather Cross

We've also added diamonds to them. The white-looking earrings are made in Platinum Sterling. It is an alloy of silver with 3.5% pure platinum. The platinum gives a very white, bright look.

We try to stock at least one pair of the 18kt earrings with clips for ladies without pierced ears. Call us to confirm at 800-839-8439 before you order. They are the same price as the earrings with posts.

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Refunds and Exchanges: We will gladly refund or exchange your purchase, for any reason whatsoever. There is no time limit, but we do ask that the item be in new condition. See our Shipping & Returns for details.

Verified Buyer
I purchased the silver feather earrings and couldn’t be more happy with them. They are light weight and attractive with a clasp that is most comfortable. The quality is superb.
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Sally Nickolson
These earrings are beautiful and should be a staple in everyday wear ! Grainger is wonderful to work with and he is beyond talented !
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I have purchased a set of the feather ear rings for all of the ladies in my family. I think its up to 8 pair, and they all love them. The quality of the jewelry and service we receive from your company are superb.
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Gold with Diamonds
They are stunning! So beautiful, just like all of Grainger's work. The dangle slightly, and are delicate. A classy addition to any outfit.
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feather earrings
Susan Baskin
These are my favorite earrings. I wear them daily. They have a distinctive look and the clasp keeps them in place.
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