Hummingbird Pin

Hummingbird Pin

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Grainger's comments: "All of the hummingbirds I've seen represented in jewelry or sculpture support themselves with the bird's head buried in a flower, diminishing the attractiveness of both. I chose to let the petal of a flower support thetail of the bird instead."

The Hummingbird is one and 3/4 inches tall. This item of jewelry should be worn as pictured, so the bill of the bird is nearly horizontal.

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Hummingbird pin in sterling silver
Robert Austin
A beautiful piece my wife fell in love with immediately. Typically Grainger McKoy in its delicate craftsmanship and detail. The bird is caught just beautifully, and the graceful sweep of the petal with its subtle curve is so much more than a simple add-on; it completes the piece by drawing the eye to the bird, while at the same time displaying its own distinctive shape. The addition in the wonderful packaging of the gorgeous notecards was a wonderful lagniappe. Grainger certainly knows how to engender customer loyalty.
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Hummingbird- a wonderful gift
Brian Crockatt
Verified Buyer
Christmas-gifted the Hummingbird pin to my wife: one of the best choices I've made! Beautiful artistry and superb craftsmanship is fully appreciated.
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hummingbird with love
Veronica Greene Lawless
my five children gifted me this delightful pin in 14 K gold in 2010. i tresure it and enjoy wearing it. It happens to be on my denim vest right now. I get compliments every time I wear it. there re a lot of hummingbird lovers our there
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Hummingbird Pin
Marty Jo D. Barwick
I have this pin in gold and it is truly one of my most prized pieces of jewelry. It was a gift and I cherish it deeply!!!
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