Flask with Quail

Flask with Quail

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Our newest item, the Quail Flask weighs nearly a half-pound of sterling silver, empty! Full, it holds four ounces of libations. It has a nice hinge so the top won't ever be lost. To our knowledge, there aren't any other silversmiths making flasks that remotely approach the quality of this item.

The mirror-polished surface is the perfect place for a bride, for instance, to put an engraved message to her new husband.

Also available without the quail for those folks who aren't as quail-crazy as we are.

ENGRAVING: Also pictured is a hand-engraving job our master engraver recently did on the flask. This was a gift for a friend of the customer who took him on an incredible quail hunt. If you'd like the flask engraved, call us to discuss (800) 839-8439.

Presentation: The flask, like all of our items, is packaged in a gorgeous, hand-finished wood box.

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Refunds and Exchanges: We will gladly refund or exchange your purchase, for any reason whatsoever. There is no time limit, but we do ask that the item be in new condition. See our Shipping & Returns for details.

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