Dove Post Earrings, Small

Dove Post Earrings, Small

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These smaller Dove post earrings are the same design & size (3/4" wide) as the dove in the men's Dove Stud Set.

Designed to pair with the Dove Pendant.

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dove post earrings
nancy boykin
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Hunters Rest Boykin Spaniels
The dove post earrings I recently received are yet another example of Grainger's incredible talent. The quail post earrings I got several years ago have been my favorites until the doves arrived. Now it's a toss up. I am also fortunate to have a lovely sculpture of pintail ducks that gets many compliments. I've seen Grainger's beautiful creations for over 25 years and I never cease to be amazed at his versatility and the gorgeous pieces he creates. Thanks so much Grainger! Nancy Boykin
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