Wide Feather Ring (without diamonds)

Wide Feather Ring (without diamonds)
Wide Feather Ring (without diamonds)

The silver and 14k gold rings presented here are without diamonds and are appropriate for men or women. We recommend ordering a half-size larger than what you think your size is. Of course, we will exchange any ring that doesn't fit perfectly for one that will. To see the rings with diamonds, click here.

I've been honored to have some couples-to-be choose this as their wedding band.

We recently cast these rings in nearly indestructible stainless steel (the sizes are listed at the bottom of this page). The color is somewhat more grey than the silver rings.

Please Select Size and Material:
Size 5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 5: 14K$735.00
Size 5.5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 5.5: 14K$735.00
Size 6: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 6: 14K$761.00
Size 6.5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 6.5: 14K$761.00
Size 7: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 7: 14K$801.00
Size 7.5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 7.5: 14K$801.00
Size 8: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 8: 14K$828.00
Size 8.5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 8.5: 14K$828.00
Size 9: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 9: 14K$868.00
Size 9.5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 9.5: 14K$868.00
Size 10: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 10: 14K$875.00
Size 10: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 10.5: 14K$875.00
Size 11: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 11: 14K$882.00
Size 11.5: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 11.5: 14K$882.00
Size 12: Sterling Silver$150.00
Size 12: 14K$910.00
Size 8: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 8.5: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 9: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 9.5: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 10: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 10.5: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 11: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 11.5: Stainless Steel$100.00
Size 12: Stainless Steel$100.00
Beautiful Ring
Verified Buyer
Having been a fan of Grainger McKoy's artistic endeavors for years and I was thrilled to finally purchase a piece of his work. The handsome feather ring is a replacement wedding ring for my husband. I chose the stainless option for it's durability. My husband and I are very pleased with this ring.
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Great ring!
Retired Cleric
I've had mine for several years....and continue to get comments from both men and women. Glad I bought mine in steel because it won a battle with a food disposal system that tried to eat it. Again, it won. Highly recommend this...especially to my hunter friends.
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