The Studio: 12ft Recovery Sculpture

This is an enlarged version of the 8ft wing of a Pintail duck in the recovery position (which itself was an enlarged version of a life-sized sculpture). This is the second stainless steel version and was cast in October, 2012 in Pennsylvania. It was installed outdoors at The Society of the Four Arts, a museum near the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

View a 25 minute video of the making of Recovery.

The outdoor images are of the first sculpture, installed at Sumter, SC's Swan Lake in 2010.

Acquire your own Recovery sculpture. 7" tall and comes in a hand-finished wood box.
  • Welding at the foundry in PA.

  • The larger the sculpture, the more thought that needs to be applied towards engineering the support. And to supporting me: although I work entirely alone, and have my entire career, I am relying on the talents two friends who provide computer-aided-design (CAD), logistics and assembly assistance.

  • Here is Recovery installed at Swan Lake in Sumter, SC in early 2010.

  • Here is Recovery installed at Swan Lake in Sumter, SC in early 2010. The installation had many new challenges for me, including the water feature.


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