Wide Feather Bangle

Wide Feather Bangle
Wide Feather Bangle

The Wide Feather bangle was a surprise anniversary gift for Floride. It has a truly classic look with the piercing and sculptural winding of thefeathers. About five-eighths of an inch wide.

See the three-piece Wide Feather ensemble here.

See also the Narrow Feather Bangle.

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Sterling Silver$450.00
14K Gold$4,823.00
18K Gold$7,320.00
Beauty in Motion
Arthur Jenkins
Verified Buyer
I have been told that portrait artists do "hand studies" because getting the hand and its movement is most difficult and important to portraying the individual. It seems that Grainger McKoy has done a wing study and from that has come his "feather ensemble." It too is important to portray the individual and captures the beauty in the motion of the feather. I too was captured immediately. Thank you Grainger.
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