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Mourning Doves cast in bronze
Mourning Doves cast in bronze

This was the first sculpture that I incorporated bronze with wood. Not only is the habitat of corn stalks bronze, but the supporting right wing of the upper bird was molded from wood, cast in bronze & painted to match the rest of the bird.

The original wood-and-bronze sculpture of the Mourning Doves (right) was commissioned by a private individual. Recently, Grainger began painting his limited edition bronze sculptures (above) to make them look identical to the original wood sculpture. Contact us for price and availability of the painted and unpainted bronze sculptures.

There are several dove jewelry items in sterling and gold:
Dove Pin & Pendant
Dove Tailfeather
Dove Feather Earrings
Dove Feather Lapel Pin (for men)

Mourning Doves
Mourning Doves
Basswood, bronze and oil paint
Collection of Mr. Earl F. Slick