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Early sketch
Early Sketch

" This idea was triggered after observing the bold, hunger-induced behavior of an immature red-shouldered hawk blundering in upon an adult trying to make a meal of a copperhead. "

This is one of Grainger's earliest and, to those who have seen it in person, most memorable sculptures. It is currently in a private residence in Birmingham, Alabama.

Grainger's two other covey rise sculptures are the Nine Quail Rising (1992) and Hawk and Quail (2002).

A maquette of the Covey Rise sculpture in bronze is available here. You may also view a printable brochure of all the limited editions if you wish.

Red-Shouldered Hawks and Copperhead Snake
Red-Shouldered Hawks and Copperhead Snake: 1974
Basswood, metal, and oil paint
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ireland

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