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Dead Bird: Bronze
Dead Bird: Bronze

" Growing up in the rural South, one naturally has a connection with birds. If there is one bird that epitomizes this region of the country, it is the Bob White Quail, and the way I connected with it often was with my teeth. This sculpture was not created out of a sense of sorrow but with anticipation of the meal to come. "

The bronze sculpture above is often exhibited without any accoutrements, so that the viewer first is shocked to see a dead bird laying on the floor of a gallery, home or office.

Dead Bird
Dead Bird: 1999
Basswood, steel, bronze and oil paint
Collection of Ms. Leigh Manigault

The Dead Bird has been cast as a limited edition in bronze and sterling silver. Click here to view. You may also view a printable brochure of all of the limited editions if you wish.